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When San Francisco’s 300-acre Mission Bay neighborhood is “fully developed,” it is slated to encompass 6,500 units of housing; 4.4 million square feet of clinical, office and other commercial space; 419,000 square feet of retail; and over 40 acres of landscaped open space. Of those 6,500 units of housing, roughly 5,800 have already been built, […]READ MORE +

Having jumped in February, but failed to gain on a year-over-year basis, the seasonally adjusted pace of existing-home sales across the U.S. dropped 4.9 percent in March to an annual rate of 5.21 million transactions, which is 5.4 percent below the pace as measured at the same time last year, according to the National Association […]READ MORE +

Having noticed that buildings which have been shuttered, pending the approval, financing or market conditions for redevelopment, often sit vacant “for months or years, during which [time] the streetscape surrounding the building becomes less inviting and a target for vandalism,” as was the case at 1066 Market Street, pictured above, for around four years, Mayor […]READ MORE +

City cites “unwanted behavior in the fountain” The circa-1975 fountain at United Nations Plaza in Civic Center now bears a more domestic touch, as it’s surrounded by a white lattice fence of roughly the same design found around a child’s playhouse. The barrier appeared one week ago, replacing a simple set of aluminum barricades. It’s reportedly the product of SF Public Works. Spokesperson Rachel Gordon, according to SF Weekly, says the new fence is READ MORE +

Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation compared SB 50 to racist “urban renewal” of the 20th century The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a Los Angeles-based nonprofit, is trying to fight State Sen. Scott Wiener’s transit-development legislation Senate Bill 50 with a campaign that compares his zoning plan, which would allow four- and five-story buildings to rise near some train and bus stations, to racist urban renewal schemes. The foundation warnsREAD MORE +

Yabba dabba redo The orange-and-purple home at 45 Berryessa Way in Hillsborough, located near a stretch of Interstate 280, has been fondly admired from afar for years. Fans of the unique abode, which bears a bulbous roof and dome-like rooms, have bestowed the circa-1976 property with the “Flintstone House” sobriquet due to its cartoonish, Stone Age appearance. Florence Fang, former publisher of the San Francisco Examiner and chairwoman for the Independent READ MORE +

Farmstead’s distribution hub in San Francisco’s Mission District bustles with the assembly of fresh grocery orders placed in reusable bags and then shuttled into the backs of outgoing cars. The e-commerce grocery startup has a succinct rhythm in part thanks to artificial intelligence software. Its inventory tracker enables forecasting of what items are most sought after to avoid overstocking. The software also makes drivers’ routes as efficient as possible READ MORE +

The Oakland franchise will be a part of the National Premier Soccer League's new pro division. READ MORE +

As recent policy pushes at the city and state levels call for zero-emission bus fleets for public transit, Proterra hopes to scale up and contend with cheaper, fossil fuel-spewing options in the process. READ MORE +

San Francisco Magazine Jeanne Cooper Cecelia Rosell, Courtesy of Visit Santa Barbara Three rejuvenated resorts offer fresh looks and new experiences on the American Riviera.   The winter of 2018 took its toll on the luxury resorts of greREAD MORE +

San Francisco Magazine Leilani Marie Labong Kat Alves A trio of modern mercantiles in tiny Northern California towns entice Bay Area tourists—en route for a weekend in Lake Tahoe or Mendocino—with high-design goods that authentically embody the areREAD MORE +

San Francisco Magazine Suzanne Ennis Chris Hardy New director and CEO of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Thomas Campbell brings his vision—and an unexpected knack for Latin—to the Bay Area.   Images and Captions:READ MORE +