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While the infamous “close-contact” strip club known as Mitchell Brothers remains open, the O’Farrell Theatre and corner parcel upon which the theater sits, and its talent spins, has quietly traded hands with a $9 million contract price, around a million less than the broker’s unofficial target. As we first reported last year, the theater site […]READ MORE +

Its sale won’t be perfectly apples-to-apples as the offering now includes a storage unit in the building which was purchased separately, but having been purchased for $1,419,478 in April of 2016, the “rarely available top floor plaza unit” #C8H at 333 Beale Street, a 985-square-foot, one-bedroom LUMINA condo with 12-foot ceilings, two full baths, a […]READ MORE +

Having benefited from a seasonal bump in July, the number of people living in San Francisco with a paycheck, which is now estimated at 573,600, was unchanged in August. But with the labor force having since shed 1,100 people, the unemployment rate in the city has dropped from 2.4 to 2.3 percent. As such, total […]READ MORE +

Photo via Shutterstock From stopping rat infestations to planting trees It takes one mouse scurrying across the floor or one gag-inducing sewer line eruption to make your living situation hellish. Fortunately, San Francisco has protocols for quashing many quality-of-life issues when they arise. The city’s 311 number kicked off in 2007. By calling the telephone number, residents can get free, 24/7 information from a real person (i.e., not a recording) about READ MORE +

Via Shutterstock The numbers behind 24/7 Wall Street’s designation of SF as the U.S.’s most expensive city Last week, 24/7 Wall Street published a report estimating the cost of living in major American cities relative to local incomes. To the surprise of few, the report ranked San Francisco and parts of the Bay Area as the most expensive place in the U.S. San Jose came in a close second. Writers Michael Sauter and Grant Suneson “reviewed estimates fromREAD MORE +

Vallaincourt Fountain in Embarcadero Plaza. | Shutterstock From a fountain of turtles to a misting dandelion, these gushers will have you gushing From Ruth Asawa’s crafty fountain outside the Union Square Apple Store to one of the most polarizing pieces of art in the Bay Area, there are many fine aquatic gushers to take note of in San Francisco. It’s worth remembering that San Francisco seems to have a distinctly love/hate relationship with fountains as READ MORE +

San Francisco-based wearable device maker Fitbit Inc has been communicating with an investment bank regarding a sale, Reuters reported Friday. Qatalyst has been seeking to persuade Fitbit to consider sale options for several weeks, arguing it could attract acquisition interest from Google owner Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), Reuters reported, but FitBit (NYSE: FIT) has not yet decided on its course of action. Reuters based the story on "people familiar with the mattREAD MORE +

Leroy Morishita is just the fifth president in Cal State East Bay's 60 years. READ MORE +

The company, which aims to modernize the trucking industry, bases its software developers in Vancouver and India due to the Bay Area's high costs. READ MORE +

San Francisco Magazine Andrew Gilbert Courtesy of Feinstein’s at the Nikko A musical marriage of classical and pop proves to be a pleasing union.   Vocalist Branden James and cellist James Clark might look like they stepped right off READ MORE +

San Francisco Magazine Josh Sens and Abby Tegnelia Aya Brackett Chef Tanya Holland’s sweet new spot for soul food.   Images and Captions:  READ MORE +

San Francisco Magazine Leilani Marie Labong Gregg Delman Eva Hagberg Fisher’s new memoir accentuates the lifesaving nature of friendship.   Images and Captions:  READ MORE +