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Mission Neighborhoods

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Mission District

The Mission District is one of the most desirable areas of the City to live.  Its low elevation at the foot of western hills allow for fog and wind to be diverted from the region.  This microclimate has some of the sunniest days and warmest weather in the City.  The neighborhoods in the Mission hold some of San Francisco’s finest examples of Victorian and Edwardian homes.  It remains culturally rich with Latin heritage, while also providing a vibrant nightlife scene and serving as home to some of America’s best new chefs.

In many ways, the Mission District has been the geographical and historical center of San Francisco.  It has been home to the original settlers, the Ohlone People; Spanish missionaries; Irish, German, and Italian gold miners; Mexican and Central American immigrants; and young professionals in the tech industry.  The region represents the pioneers of San Francisco’s past and the innovators of its future.  Those who live here will agree that they are in the heart of the City.

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