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Development Services

Development Services

Marketing Plans
Justin understand the trends, lifestyles and beliefs that motivate today’s buyers, and use this insight to accurately identify target markets and develop effective marketing strategies. As true collaborator,Justin will work with you, your architect and designers to create a contemporary, significant and distinctive marketing program that will impress your investors and awe your competition.

Marketing Campaigns
Justin and Vanguard Properties’ marketing campaigns are renowned for their modern, innovative strategies, razor-sharp branding and technology integration. Our unsurpassed marketing acumen ensures that your buying audience is successfully targeted through planned and consolidated outreach. Our services include:

Brand identity development
Integrated campaign development, including print and online advertising, brochures and collateral, direct mail, PR, events and more
Advertising campaign management, including planning and media buying
Interior and exterior signage management – before, during, and after construction

Risk Management
Minimizing the risks associated with disclosure, documentation and management of buyers’ expectations is critical for developers. As your partner, Justin can propose a framework for analyzing and prioritizing the various types of risk inherent in your developments. While not a substitute for retained legal professionals, Justin will assist in the management of these risks through disclosure.

Escrow Processing
Our professional escrow management services have been proven to accelerate the closing process and reduce your liability. This enables our agents to focus on the sale, and position buyers for rapid and efficient transaction completion.

Sales Contract Negotiation
Justin provide each client with an expert team of sales and project management professionals to deliver superior service and elevate your buyers’ purchasing experiences. Justin is a negotiation specialists, and will diligently manage the sales contract all the way through to close of escrow.

DRE Monitoring
Vanguard works closely with your DRE deputy, budget preparer and attorneys to ensure that delays are minimized and related processes are smooth and expedient. We also provide direct consultation with the seller’s legal representatives, related to the DRE Purchase Agreement, various iterations of the Public Report, and other pertinent documentation.

Justin will provide consultation services and make introductions to leading financing institutions. You’ll work together to create the best financing packages available so that your development stands out. By defining a group of preferred lenders, your property will be pre-approved and you will identify in advance those buyers who are qualified and motivated to complete a purchase decision.